This is a modular system comprising a number of sub-systems, all separately containerized in 6m shipper owned containers (SOCs) powered by a 20KVA loose standing generator. It is mobile in the sense that it gets transported by trucks and gets loaded/off-loaded by means of a crane or forklift, or a hook-lift should it be fitted to the vehicle.

The mobile workshop is just one module of an entire system designed to support OTT’s products in the field, amongst other the Puma family of vehicles, the Casspir APC and the M21 Protector.

The mobile workshop is equipped with high quality tools and machinery that provides for easy and user-friendly repair in the field. The main items include, but are not limited to:

– A compressor; 6KVA powered welding machine; a pressure cleaner; battery charger and tester.
– Lifting equipment including a 2-ton chain block with chain; 2-ton crawl for I-beam (I-beam fitted in roof of container); 12-ton jack stands; mechanics creeper; 10-ton bottle jacks; 5-ton trolley jack; 3-ton hydraulic transmission jack.
– Bench grinder and baby grinder; electrical drill; pneumatic drill.
– Gedore combination spanners.
– Gedore socket sets and wrench kits with sockets.
– Gedore screw drivers, -allen keys, -pliers, -special tools and -hammer-punches.
– Cutting torch and blow torch.
– Tools for the maintenance and repair of air conditioners.
– Cabinets and bins.

OTHER MODULES (optional to the mobile workshop)

The other modular elements of the workshop system, each in a separate 6m SOC where applicable, are:

– Lubrication station;
– Tyre fitting and repair station;
– Storage container(s) with shelving for spare parts;
– Generation section (for larger systems);
– Shaded covers (ie. canvas canopies/awnings).

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